Tuesday, 3 December 2013

When Inspiration Strikes...

You can never tell when an idea may hit.  Or when one might seep in unannounced and take you by surprise.  A little nudge in the right direction is always welcome and today I had just that from the lovely Helen Murphy, an old school friend of mine.


Of course, when I say ‘old’ I mean from when we were at school together, not drawing her pension or leaving her teeth in a glass on the bedside table overnight...  Saying that, I’m not sure of the pensionable age in Australia, where she lives now...


Anywho-be-do.  I received an email from Helen earlier today in which she told me of the writing prompts from a group she attends.  Helen also sent me the poem she’d written triggered by said prompts.  It was excellent, as is all her poetry and I couldn’t help but reciprocate with something of my own.  I have to admit that it was off the top of my head and is ‘as it comes’, but I quite enjoyed the little creative interlude to my day so I thought I’d share it with you and give my thanks to Helen – young Helen that is.


Summer Loving

By Shaun Allan


The garden was overgrown now

A fire of wilderness

Where no man dare step

'Cross the breach

Lest they burn with

Heart's confess


'I told him not to come back'

She cried

Though was more of a

Hesitant whisper

But he was there yet

Or his body was

She'd buried him with her sister


The summer sun shone

Coating the world

In a sheen of shimmering heat

But its reach didn't reach

Into her shell

As her soul lay in shreds at her feet


At the jetty she'd seen

Her sibling and love

With a heat as hot as the sun

A deadly embrace wrapped in

Natures own clothes

Placed in her hand

A gun


Now her sister lies cold

And her lover so bold

Rots beside his lies


And as the sun sets

And the moon takes her hand

She looks on the garden

And cries




Oh, the writing prompts were as follows.  Maybe you’d like to see what you come up with?


Use one of these lines as a basis for a poem, story or true story.


1   The garden was overgrown now.


2   ‘I told him not to come back!’


3    He/She was there.


4    Use these three words in a poem, story or true story:  summer, shell and jetty.

Helen's poem was a wonderful piece about rekindled romance. I did think about following her lead but, well, you probably know me too well for that by now...



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