Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Fuzzy Headed...

I feel fuzzy headed today. It's my own fault, really. I know I can't burn the candle at both ends, let alone in the middle too.

So I guess that means no sympathy for me! Well, fairy nuff (the Fairy Nuff being where pixies and elves and fairies go to buy their little boots and tunics - they can never get their size in M&S, Primark or Monsoon).

My sinuses are playing up too. No change there. I seem to live on snorts of Sudafed nasal spray, it being more of a staple diet than meat and two veg sometimes. That's adding to the fluff slowly replacing my brain cells, a sort of candy floss Blob devouring the contents of my skull.

As such, it's a little difficult to concentrate. I'm managing work, which is a task in itself, particularly today where I seem to have a variety of issues to deal with, but it's the 'other' stuff I seem to have trouble focussing on.

I'm part of the way through the South Sea Bubble, the finale to Alison DeLuca's phenomenal Steampunk saga that began with The Night Watchman Express. This book was my first foray in to the genre, and I didn't know what to expect, but the characters and situations and excitement are so well written, I was hooked. I'm honoured to be beta reading the 'Bubble' and I'm rather sad that I know it's coming to a close. The characters are my friends, and Mana is one of my favourite character creations (next to Dory from Finding Nemo).

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Still, the ride aboard the Express was thrilling and it opened my eyes to a genre I'd not even ventured near previously.

But, with my sinuses and my fuzzy headedness, I'm haven't given the book the attention it deserves. Also, I need to address various points on my website and other places. I gave myself a list this morning of things I needed to do at lunch-time, but when the break came and I'd eaten my lunch, I couldn't think what I'd listed (doing it mentally when I know I should write it down), so I ended up getting to the book with only a few minutes to spare.

I had to get my fix, though.

It isn't helping that my daughter, not yet two, is lactose intolerant and was inadvertently given something to eat at a get-together the other night that contained exactly that. We were told it was safe. When we checked... Let's just say it's not pretty when it wakes her (and us) at 3 am.

Last night I had the chance to go to bed early. My wife was ill herself, so went to bed before our two year old. I put the wee one to bed then, with my older daughter, went out for some shopping and to put petrol in my wife's car (I'd had to use it for work due to losing my keys (found now)). We got back, I tidied the kitchen, my daughter went to bed herself, and I sat down to watch the latest episode of Person of Interest. Just chill for a little while.


Famous last words.

I had my tablet with me (the touch screen, Windows 8 variety - non-medicinal). I was looking for images for a children's book I'm planning. Eventually Person of Interest finished. That should have been my queue to down tools and retire for the night. It was around ten-thirty.

Ah... There's that second episode of Labyrinth to watch... It'll only be on an hour. Less if I fast forward through the ads. Labyrinth is a two-parter based on the Kate Mosse book, not (something which elicited groans of disappointment from my older daughter) a new version of the Jim Henson/David Bowie classic film. I'd tried the book, but it didn't grab me. I think maybe a new Odd Thomas book came out, and I'll pretty much drop anything for that.

Still, I'd give the show a go. Well, I had done the first episode. It was... ok, I thought. I liked it, but, like the book, it didn't quite grab me. Not quite enough excitement, but worth the watch.

But... it was on for two hours, not one. It was now well after midnight.


Then up at 7 am this morning for work.

So THAT'S why I'm fuzzy headed.

Someone do me a favour and kick me, next time. Yo, Shaun. Get your backside up them stairs and get some sleep.

Tonight, OK?

I had a point to this blog post. Can't quite remember what it is.

Got a fuzzy head, you see.

Maybe I'm just ranting at myself. Telling me off for doing something I know I shouldn't. Like touching a door with a 'Wet Paint' sign.

Well, I consider myself told. I'll do better next time.

Well... I say that...

I think I’m writing this so that I’m actually writing. I’ve had the ideas for Mortal Sin, the sequel to Sin, and want to get on with it. I want to enter his head and see what madness lurks there. But I know I’ll sit at the screen and go “Erm...” My mind can still wander and wonder, however, so I can berate myself and use it for a purpose. After all, ‘tis better than to write than to want to, isn’t it?

Oh, talking about Finding Nemo. How pleased am I that there’s a sequel, and it’s Finding Dory?

One word. WHOOP!!

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