Friday, 5 April 2013

The Case of the Appearing Temptation...

I've been naughty.

Sorry, but I have. I didn't mean to. I didn't want to, in fact. My willpower needs willpower to get some willpower!

I've just eaten a Snickers.

I know. How bad am I?

I didn't want it. Wasn't hungry. No pangs twisting in my stomach, crying out Audrey II-like, "FEED ME!"

No. I was fine. I'd had a round of toast for breakfast. Well done, thanks, not anaemic and looking as if the bread has been waved in front of the toaster for a few seconds to get the implication of heat. No waiting for it to go cold before buttering either. I like it hot, thanks.

Lunch was a couple of rounds of bread with ham. An apple, satsuma and banana. A small packet of crisps. Cheese & onion, to be precise. The crisps were an additional treat. Usually it's sandwich and fruit and that's all.

I do admit to having had a finger of shortbread around half ten with a cuppa. They'd been brought in but one of my team. It'd be rude not to, wouldn't it?

Anywho. That's it. My evening meal would be around six-ish, though I don't, as yet, know what it'll be. But I was full. Wasn't even thinking of food. I'd just made a drink for us all, so had a cup of tea and some water next to me. Getting on with work.


She had to do it.

She just had to...

I heard the noise first. The tear of the wrapper. The smell of chocolate and nuts. A SNICKERS!

Why, oh why, oh why?

You see, then I was thinking about food. Then she had to say (she being one of my team) that she'd not eaten and only had a stash of rubbish in her drawer. Rubbish being crisps, more chocolate, another Snickers, cup-a-soup and the like.

I walked away. I did. Adamant that I'd wait until later, but without the stripe across my nose (oh, that's Adam Ant - I always get them mixed up).


She just had to, didn't she?

She just had to...

"Do you want one?"

My hand was reaching out. I watched it move. Horror screamed within the confines of my mind. 'DON'T DO IT!' But my hand didn't listen. My hand didn't care. My hand wasn't going to turn away for anyone.

"Yes, please."

No! My mouth! In cahoots with my hand! Ganging up on me! I was surrounded!

Dejectedly, I surrendered. I knew when I was defeated.

It was right nice, though!

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  1. Haha! Shaun. How in the world could you enjoy your Snickers? Unless you have a medical condition that prohibits such things forgive yourself and promise not to give in next time. Loved reading your tale. Thought I was the only one that beat myself up after cheating... Lol Thanks :-D